Eugenia Abu

Eugenia Abu

Eugenia Abu is not only a journalist as many may believe, she is also a poet. She started writing poetry, short stories and a bit of drama when she was seven years old. Her father allowed her read many books in his library and encouraged her to buy books, too. Little wonder she dedicated her first book, In the Blink of an Eye, to the memory of her dad, the late Mr. Alfred Amodu, 'a fantastic man' she owed her passion for writing to, as well as her poetry teacher when she was in Class 3, a white lady called Mrs. Whittle.

'Today I am a poet, thanks to her. For five years, Eugenia had been wishing to write a book, but her hectic job and having to run a home as a mother were a hindrance. 'I wished for the book but books are not about wishes,' she says. In 2006 she took a look at most of her writings and decided to compile them.

In the Blink of an Eye

Her first book (published in 2007) which is a collection of the articles she has writing over the years on social justice, nationalism, gender, fashion, literature, moral issues, education, travelogues. In the Blink of an Eye, is a non-fiction. 'I am widely travelled, and it reflects in my writing. Converting the pieces to fiction, I am afraid, just won't work. But using them as pointers for fictional characters, or a fictional plot, yes, I believe one genre will enrich the other.'

This book won the ANA/NDDC Flora Nwapa Prize for best female writing in 2008.

Don't look at me like that

Her second book (published in 2009) is a collection of poems which cuts across all spheres of life. It is a book of lyrical and narrative impulses smoothly flowing from personal preoccupations, love, marriage, children and grandchildren to the complex mysteries of Africa's development and female power.

Available in hardcover and paperback. The hardcover comes with an audio CD recording of the book. So you can read or relax and listen to the book.

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